My prices for playing for you are always kept as reasonable as i can manage, here are some General guidelines

Referring to the points on the list below will help me to give you an accurate quote quickly for your Cornish wedding music

An average approx 2hr booking less than 30 miles from Falmouth is generally around £150 but the following considerations will also be taken into account, both for lowering the fee and adding supplements

Which Instrument or Instruments would you like me to play for you
This may affect the transportation time and setting up time for the particular choice of instrument

Is it a wedding, family anniversary or birthday party or corporate event, and do you want me to play piano or accordion?
This tells me about any travelling problems of extra time and cost to take into account

Music Required for Which part(s) of your wedding or other celebration
From this I can estimate the time involved, as well as estimate any problems transferring equipment between different rooms of the venueor necessity for extra instruments in different locations

Is there a decent piano already at the venue to use? (If piano music requested)
If there is a decent piano already in your venue I am more than delighted to use it and give you a discount for saving on the considerable effort and extra time bringing and setting up my own piano. I do of course need an instrument that responds properly to my technique

Where is the Celebration to be held? (General Geographical Location)
For distance, travelling time and expense to take into account. Ranges calculated are Within Falmouth area, up to 30 mile radius, 30-60 mile radius, 60-100 mile radius

Will I need to set up my piano much before the ceremony?
Sometimes if playing for the cocktail hour, or the wedding meal, it may be necessary for me to set up an hour before the beginning so as not to get in the way of you and your guests. This is obviously important both for the fee and the comfort of your guests

What Date quote is required for, also what Day of the Week?
Obviously Bank Holidays may be more expensive, but I do also try to give a discount for weekday gigs Monday-Thursday - also of course I need to know that I am available on your date and not already booked out.

If you are getting married soon Alex Govier could be the Ideal Pianist, Organist, or Accordion Player For Your Wedding in Cornwall, with a combination of expertise and genuine local availability to make your planning easier. If you are reasonably local you can even meet me before the event to check my suitability or choose your music.

Please feel free to contact me at any time by ringing my mobile 07769 732287 or email me at